“We create, therefore we live.”

Creating is what I love to do, it’s something I can’t live without. For as long as I can remember I wanted to work for Disney, who wouldn't, and make magic for the world to see. While attending art school for animation I found myself on the viewfinder side of a camera. I quickly learned that with photography I could create anything I, or anyone else, could imagine. That day I decided to become a photographer.

People often tell me I have the best job, and they’re not wrong. I’ve traveled all across the country pursuing opportunities to create something new. From the streets of Detroit, to the desert of Nevada, to a ranch in Texas. I get to do what I love while seeing the world and sometimes I get to take my dog.

These days I see myself more as an artist then a photographer. I tend to create images that wouldn’t necessarily exist in real life. But with the right lighting, the right angles, and the right post production I make these images a reality. I believe every image should tell a story and make people feel something. It doesn’t matter if that something is joy, anger, love, or sadness. As long as what you’re looking at evokes some type of emotion. Hopefully, my work brings some of those feelings to you.

Let's tell a story.

Christie Materni, Commercial + Editorial Photography